About Us

Loyal Tech Group Limited has been founded in Hong Kong from 2011.  Loyalty and trustworthiness are the goal of our company to serve society.


       At the beginning, our company has been mainly engaged in the sale of second-hand equipment and maintenance.  Loyalty and trustworthiness is as the purpose of our company, we have been awarded as the distributor of Korea HUVITZ products in both Hong Kong and Macau.  By our professional promotion, HUVITZ becomes a premium brand in Hong Kong.  Even after then, we have become sole agent of HUVITZ products not only in Hong Kong and also in Macau.


Per our goal of loyalty and trustworthiness, our business has been growing up continuously.  At this moment, we have professional sales and service team to provide not only the excellent quality ophthalmic instruments, but also the perfect and trustworthy after sales service to our customers.  Due to contribute one stop solution to customers, we therefore become the important partners of equipment sales.


Also per our goal of loyalty and trustworthiness, we hold the market of the small and the medium size optometric eye shop, and even the chain stores to large glasses, lens processing plants, schools and so on.  By right now, we got the agency brand HUVITZ and the others, including OPTIKON Italy, Taiwan RIGHTWAY, France ESSILOR, Korea CHAROPS, Israel VISIONIX, CENTUREVUE Italy, the United States LIGHTMED, Taiwan CRYSYTALVUE, Japan INAMI, United States ACCUTOME, MECCANOTTICAMAZZA Italy, Britain KEELER, US VOLK, China 3T and so on.


Based on our goal of loyalty and trustworthiness, we have owned the important optometric market.  Start from 2013, we have started developing the ophthalmic market and become well known in this field, even up to large chain clinics and government hospitals from the small and medium clinics.  Loyal Tech Group has been one of ophthalmic equipment suppliers in Hong Kong public hospitals by right now.


     Per our attitude of loyalty and trustworthiness, Loyal Tech Group Ltd grows up non-stop to contribute wider services and to provide better quality with professional equipment, and to become the important instrument partners of our customers.